Wellcome 2019 Deck Out Your Home, Your Way Lucky Draw
Terms and Conditions
  1. Participant must be a Hong Kong resident and aged 18 or above.
  2. The promotion will be held from 30 November 2018 to 3 January 2019, for a total of 5 weeks. The registration period will be from 30 November 2018 to 4 January 2019.
  3. Within the promotion period, customer makes a single purchase of HK$88 or above can enter the lucky draw through the hotline 2983 9888 or our website easy2winluckydraw.com by registering the 11 digits of the Wellcome receipt or the 7 digits of the “Wellcome Delivers”* order number, purchase/order date, purchase amount, the first 4 numeric digits of HKID card number and Hong Kong mobile phone number. The purchase amount excludes the plastic shopping bag charging, the purchase of “Happy Stamp” redemption items, Wellcome gift vouchers or Octopus top-ups. A valid receipt must be a Wellcome or “Wellcome Delivers” (order date) purchase receipt issued between 30 November 2018 and 3 January 2019. The original receipt should clearly show the purchased product name, purchase amount, receipt/order date and receipt/order number.
  4. Each single receipt with HK$88 purchase or above can earn one lucky draw chance. Customer can get extra lucky draw chances by:
    - Purchase designated product of the week. If a receipt includes one kind of designated product of the week, an extra lucky draw chance will be given; includes two kinds of designated product of the week, 2 extra lucky draw chances will be given and so on. Purchased the same kind of designated product with more than 1 piece will be still entitled 1 extra lucky draw chance only. The designated products will be changed every week.
    - Input Octopus Rewards members’ Octopus number (“Octopus number”) and get 1 extra lucky draw chance.
    Each receipt is entitled to a maximum of 10 lucky draw chances in the instant win and the weekly grand lucky draw. (Including extra lucky draw chance(s) entitled by the purchase of designated products and input Octopus number.) Number of participation is not limited. Each purchase through “Wellcome Delivers”* can also have a maximum of 10 lucky draw chances in the instant win and the weekly grand lucky draw. Any duplicated entries or wrong inputs will result in disqualification.  
  5. Customers have to select to join below weekly grand prize’s lucky draw in each registration:
    (1 of 2, cannot be changed after registration.)
    - IKEA Home Planning Service (living room or bedroom only) (valued at HK$3,000) and HK$30,000 IKEA Gift Cards (1 winner per week, total 5 winners)
    - HK$10,000 Wellcome Vouchers (3 winners per week, total 15 winners)
  6. Each day will run from 12 midnight to 11:59pm and each week will run from Friday (12 midnight) to the following Thursday (11:59pm) (except 5th week, 28 December 2018 (12 midnight) to 4 January 2019 (11:59pm) would be considered as 1 week / 5th week).
  7. Instant win prize: 1,500 winners will be drawn randomly by computer to win a HK$100 Wellcome voucher from 30 November 2018 to 4 January 2019. Instant win prize winners will receive SMS of winning confirmation within 1 working day and redemption details within 14 working days.
    Weekly grand prize: Winners per grand prize option will be drawn randomly by computer on the next working day after each week completed during promotion period. The winners will be informed individually. All non-winning valid registration entries in the weekly grand lucky draw will be automatically accumulated into the next week lucky draw pool (included instant win prize winning receipts), and so on.
  8. Delivery note, duplicated receipt, coupon/voucher, credit card customer copy or receipt which only contains plastic shopping bag charge, the purchase of “Happy Stamp” redemption items, Wellcome gift vouchers or Octopus top-ups are not accepted for this promotion. Participants should keep the original receipt for prize redemption.
  9. If the winners' registered receipts confirmed to have HK$88 or above purchase or designated products or entered Octopus Rewards members’ Octopus number in registration, yet if under verification the purchase amount is below HK$88 or does not match the amount entered, the designated products quantity does not match the quantity entered or the Octopus number doesn’t join the Octopus Rewards, it will result in disqualification. The purchase amount is the net amount paid after all discounts, offers (including credit card offer or discount) or amount of product refund. If the purchase amount or designated product quantity on “Wellcome Delivers” receipt does not match the information entered due to out of stock, winners are required to present the original order confirmation (proforma invoice) print-out and receipt for verification when redemption.
  10. Winners will be required to present the original receipts, the Octopus (if applicable), the HKID card and redemption details SMS for verification when redemption. If a winner fails to present the receipt, the Octopus (if applicable), the HKID card or redemption details SMS, the Octopus does not belong to the winner or the receipt number on the receipt, the Octopus number or the HKID card number are inconsistent with the number that has been entered, Wellcome reserves the right of disqualification. The original receipt will be remarked “redeemed” after instant win prize redemption and collected after weekly grand prize redemption.
  11. Winners must redeem the prize or redemption letter in person at specific location and time and agree the terms and conditions of the prize. Authorized redemption is not allowed. Winners agree the photos and videos taken in redemption can be used for the promotional purpose of this promotion in any channels and media by Wellcome.
  12. The registration deadline of lucky draw program will be at 11:59pm of 4 January 2019.
  13. Results of the lucky draw will be announced in Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 17 January 2019. Winners will be notified individually by SMS (instant win prize) or by phone (weekly grand prize). Weekly grand prize winners who cannot be contacted by 14 January 2019, cannot provide clear winning receipt photo and the original winning receipt or cannot complete the winning registration within designated period after receiving the winning notification will forfeit the prize. Winners who cannot redeem the prize by 31 January 2019 (instant win prize) or designated date (weekly grand prize) will forfeit the prize.
  14. The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. Winners agree to abide by the terms and conditions which listed by the prize suppliers of the relevant prizes. Wellcome and prize suppliers shall not be responsible for any consequences due to the redemption or use of the prizes.
  15. Terms and conditions for IKEA Home Planning Service: IKEA designer will visit winners’ home, discuss the needs, draw up a furniture layout plan for a bedroom or living room and select IKEA furniture products. Free site measurement and maximum two design layouts of a room (bedroom or living room). Design layout work not extend to painting, electricity, flooring, removal and dismantle of existing furniture, construction work. Applicable to IKEA home furnishing products such as furniture and home accessories products. IKEA standard sale and product guarantee conditions apply. Furniture assembly will be supervised under IKEA designer. Service appointment made during 11 February 2019 to 10 April 2019.
  16. Participants understand and accept that Wellcome has no legal or other liabilities if any winners are unable to enjoy any prizes for whatever reasons or if any winners suffer from any personal injuries or property losses or damages in the course of his or her enjoyment of any prizes for whatever reasons.
  17. If Wellcome reasonably believe that the winner may be unable to understand the terms and conditions in the acknowledgement of receipt or use / operate the prize safely, the prize and its related issues shall be redeemed and handled by the winner's guardian or immediate family member (limited to parent / son or daughter / spouse, need to provide copy of HK Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or guardianship certificate and can understand the terms and conditions in the acknowledgement of receipt and use / operate the prize safely). After the redemption, the winner's guardian or immediate family member shall make sure the winner agrees and understands the terms and conditions in the acknowledgement of receipt and uses / operates the prize with the winner.
  18. Any receipts which are incomplete, broken, copy, being edited, not within the promotion period will not be accepted. Wellcome reserves the right to judge the eligibility of the winners. In case of loss of receipt, it will not be replaced or reissued.
  19. During this promotion, if registered data or winning notification are lost, inaccurate, unidentifiable or damaged caused by any computer, network, telephone or technical issues which are not attributed to the default of Wellcome, Wellcome shall not have any legal liability if the participant is judged as disqualified and the participant cannot object.
  20. All information provided by participants cannot be changed after registration. All information of participants should be based on the record of phone or web registration. Any faulty, duplicate and incomplete information will result in disqualification. If winners cannot receive winning notifications or redemption details or cannot redeem the prize due to any fake, incomplete or incorrect information provided for promotion, Wellcome shall bear no responsibility. This promotion only accepts Hong Kong mobile phone number with voice and SMS function, if the mobile phone number does not carry voice or SMS function or registered phone number is not in use, invalid or changed when redemption, it will result in disqualification.
  21. For enquiries of the registration or winning information, the registered person should contact us by the registered phone number.
  22. In the interest of fairness, the employees of The Dairy Farm Company, Limited and its agency are not eligible for entry.
  23. In case of disputes, the decision of Wellcome will be final and binding.
  24. Any personal data collected will be used to contact and verify the identity of the participants for prize collection only, and will be handled properly and kept confidential. Wellcome reserves the right to disqualify participants who refuse or fail to provide the relevant personal information. All personal data collected will be destroyed within 90 days after the end of the promotion. For company privacy policy, please refer to easy2winluckydraw.com/eng/privacy
  25. Trade Promotion Competition Licence number: 51392-99
* “Wellcome Delivers” is Wellcome's online shopping platform

Enquiry Hotline: 23276665